Sanaz Pourabadeh

Sanaz Pourabadeh

Graphic Designer

ساناز پورآباده
طراح گرافیک

I grew up in Iran, Live in Tehran. I am a Designer who absolutely loves this job and everything that comes with it. I invite you to see sample of my design in sanazstudio.com

Professional work History:

Resaneh Ad Agency
Print & Design (City Ad Book) &…
Ima Amin International Co.
Graphic designer: Web Design Design & print; Developed of Multimedia CD Film Editing & Teaser making
Kanoon Informatic Co.
Graphic designer & web designer motion graphic & infographic Design & develop software for touch-screen, Design of digital signage, Film editing & make teaser, Making Augmented reality & magic mirror
2007 to 2013:
Avenue Interiors (Dubai, UAE) Position:
Outsource graphic designer.

2018 to present:
Rodeoblinds (California, US) (https://www.rodeoblinds.com/about-us/)Position:
Graphic Designer.

2002 to present:
Freelacer graphic designer.

2022 to present:

Mahloran Producing Co.(Tehran, Iran) https://mahloran.com  Position:
Graphic Designer.

Computer skills & expertise:

Highly skilled in Software for Print & infographic:
Adobe Photoshop Pro
Adobe Illustrator PRO

Highly skilled in Software for Motion graphic & Multimedia:
Adobe Flash Pro (Programming with Action script 2)
Adobe After Effect Pro
Resource Hacker

Highly skilled in Software for film teaser & Editing:
FinalCut Pro
Adobe After effect pro
Adobe Premier Pro
Sony Vegas Pro

Highly skilled in Software for Augmented reality & magic mirror:

Adobe Flash Pro

Proficiency Software for Digital Signage
Navori, Qbetter

Sanaz Pourabadeh
Thanks for your attention